A collaborative 3-course dinner between Canteen No. 4 x Petra Palumbo held at LAMB Arts Gallery. By combining delicious food and beautiful hand screen-printed tableware we explored the issues of transparency, traceability, locality & sustainability.

We donated 10% of ticket proceeds to The Felix Project, a charity which collects good quality food from suppliers. They check it’s fresh and then deliver it to charities and food banks so they can give vulnerable people a healthy meal or snack. Put simply, they’re saving food and changing lives. Please watch the video for more details on what they do https://bit.ly/2QwywSh

Amelia from Foodchain said a few words about their mission which is to build the most efficient food supply chain, ensuring high quality, fresh, affordable food for everyone. They are building the most trusted online food supplier platform for restaurants. Their aim is not to re-invent the food supply chain, but to make it more efficient and sustainable, for everyone. Their platform connects chefs and restaurants to a wide variety of producers in meat, fish, dairy, produce and dry goods. They’ve cut out the middleman and have eradicated the warehouse, to guarantee delivery of the freshest, high quality food at the best prices. They believe in bringing transparency, efficiency and sustainability to the food supply chain and we’re using the latest technology, combined with years of experience in food wholesale to achieve this.

Zoe Reed was the cook & creator of Canteen no 4, a series of collaborative dinners that pop up all over London to explore various environmental issues that are created or exacerbated by the food chain. They create a platform for sharing information and a celebration of good food.

I created different table settings for each night. I wanted to show a breadth of what I could do using the same prints but in different ways. The colours I chose were vibrant and fun. I added gold and silver accents throughout which looked very good under candlelight. I also used vintage accessories to adorn the tables which were mostly made out of glass. Glass is a sustainable material because it can be recycled in closed-loop, over and over again. I really like the transparent aesthetic against my tableware as it really allows them to speak for themselves.

Overall, we had fantastic nights filled with interesting conversations, laughter and delicious food. I hope my tableware enhanced people’s sensory experience. Thank you to all those involved and those who came and supported us.