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With sleek, minimal and universal shapes, the zodiac signs are an age-old way to personalise your living space. Each tile is designed by Petra and hand painted in the UK.

*Should you wish to purchase more than 20 tiles please email us at and we’ll get a couple of shipping quotes for you.*

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Sizing Guide

13cm x 13cm x 0.9cm.

Care Instructions

Fill a spray bottle with 1/4-cup baking soda, 2 tbsp. dish soap and 2 cups water. Squirt the spray over the backsplash, and wipe down with a damp cleaning rag. Wipe the tile with a damp cloth once more, and follow with a dry towel to prevent water spots.


Ceramics are natural, durable and use far less energy than metal or plastic.


Each tile is hand painted and made to order so designs and colours may differ slightly from the picture.

Production Lead Time: 6-8 weeks

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