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Petra's Sustainable Swaps

I'm constantly trying to find good zero or low waste alternatives to implement into my everyday life. Here's my go-to list of sustainable and zero waste (or low waste) substitutes that are easy to swap out especially for beginners who just want to make more sustainable decisions in their life. You don’t have to swap out all of the alternatives I am about to mention as there might be different alternatives that you might prefer but even the smallest change makes a difference. I've broken it down by room...


– Reusable make up remover pads by Saroi

– Bamboo toothbrushes by Eco Orbis

– Bamboo cotton buds by Plastic Phobia

– Toothpaste by Peace with the Wild

– Loo roll by The Cheeky Panda


– Classic French fishnet market bag by Greige

– Kitchen roll by The Cheeky Panda

– Coconut fibre kitchen dish brush and eco-sponges by Plastic Free Shop

– Metal straws and cleaner by Plastic Phobia

– Beeswax wraps for food by Beeswax Food Wrap UK

– Reusable coffee cup by Joco Cups

–Stainless steel reusable water bottle by Tree Tribe

–Our glass Soap Dispensers


–Tissue by The Cheeky Panda 

A good and insightful read: How to Start Living a Sustainble Lifestyle at Home

Classic French fishnet shopping bag
Mason and jam jars which can be filled up as refill stations at certain supermarkets
Bamboo toothbrushes
Metal straw and cleaner
Brown self-adhesive paper tape and plain cardboard boxes for wrapping
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