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Delft Tiles to Delftware

I wanted to bring Delft tiles to the home in different ways, expanding our range not just on the walls but into actual delftware products - making them more accessible to a wider audience. It’s been a long road in terms of getting production off the ground as we had to make sure the products were beautifully made – of true heirloom quality so that they can be passed down the generations. We used off-cuts of hardwood called Meranti which is really important so that it holds the tiles securely in place, the beading detailing looks particularly nice in that wood too as the finishing is very crisp. We stained it using a Walnut Gloss to give it a nice sheen and contrast with the white tiles. We used food-safe grout in between the tiles too. Our defltware range is made with love and skill and have been thoughtfully designed to elevate and bring uniqueness to the everyday.

Tile Cheese Board, Extra Long: Mouse | Cheese | Corkscrew | Red wine

I’m a huge fan of a cheese board being passed around the table in a relaxed way at the end of a meal when crumpled napkins are on the table, wine bottles are slowly being emptied and candles are burning out. It’s always an indulgent, happy moment. I wanted to create a cheese board that was playful in terms of the design but extra long in size. You can slide it along between guests and it looks fantastic with grapes, apples, crackers and cheeses piled down the middle of it. I chose the mouse, corkscrew, cheese and red wine tile designs that are tongue-in-cheek and flush with the wooden frame, making it easy to wipe down and clean after using it. I’ve used this board at a picnic and it went down a treat, I just sat it on the tartan throw and everyone tucked in, I then gave it a good once over and put cakes and biscuits on it. It really elevated the whole picnic experience. It’s also a great piece to have out on display when not in use, lent up against a wall or stacked with other cheese boards or trays.

Tile Drinks Trays: Scotland | Retro | Games

My pursuit to find the perfect tray seems endless. With this in mind, I embarked on a journey to design my own. I started by theming the tiles into categories: Scotland, Retro and Games - these are big themes in my life but also pretty universal that will hopefully appeal to many. The tiles needed to be set lower than the wood surround, giving whatever is put on top of it the extra security they need to stay put and not slide off. I ended up opting for very simple brass pull handles that catch the light and elevate the overall design but don’t distract from the decorated tiles. The tile trays are both versatile and practical, they are generous in size making them ideal for serving drinks and canapes, or breakfast in bed, displaying condiments next to your cooker, to use as a breadboard or simply to place on a coffee table as a finishing touch. The hardwearing nature of tiles gives them the versatility of use. The quality is absolutely beautiful, it’s made in Britain from start to finish. These trays make wonderful presents for milestone birthdays or wedding gifts. 

Double Tile Trivets: Sun & Moon | Stag & Thistle

My pet peeve was scrambling at the last minute to find anything appropriate to place a hot pot or dishes on top of on the dining table so that everyone could serve themselves - we’ve all been there. It’s always been at the back of my mind to make a double trivet so when I decided to expand our wall tiles into a delftware range, this was top of my list. The hardwearing and heat proof nature of tiles made this idea a reality.  The tiles are set slightly higher than the wood so that the tiles take the weight and heat of the pan. Measuring bigger than normal trivets, ours come in two design combinations - the Sun and Moon and the Stag and Thistle. They elevate the table or sideboard and look just as good whilst in use with stacked plates or just on display for condiments. 

Tile Coasters, Large: Dessert Island, Tea Time

Drink rings on beautifully clean tablecloths give me anxiety, our large coasters will give your surfaces the respect they deserve. The tiles are set lower than the wood, giving bottles, vases, jugs and teapots the extra security they need to stay put. There’s no risk of them sliding off. The designs are a Desert Island and Tea Time - they are teamed with practicality and playfulness, a win win. I’m currently using mine next to the cooker for olive oil.  The tile makes it so easy to just wipe down and it really gives presence to the bottle. 

Tile Coasters, Small: Evil Eye, Let's Celebrate

Our small tile coasters help to make drink rings a thing of the past and will give your surfaces the respect they deserve. Perfect for hot cups of tea and wine glasses - they will protect your surfaces in a stylish way. It’s all in the details. The hardwearing nature of the tiles makes them easy to just wipe down after use. I chose two design combinations - Evil Eye for protection and Let’s Celebrate to get you in the mood. 



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